THOMAS' TRAVELS - September, 2008

France, England, Uganda


The campaign in Colombes (near Paris) last June continues to bear fruit. Nathalys Ronsmanss, the local team leader, wrote a very appealing report on the meetings that is being read by pastors in other churches. Consequently, one of the pastors, Antonie Da Silva has invited me to conduct friendship evangelism and counselor training seminars in his church in Antony (in the Paris area). God willing, I will be meeting the church leaders on September 17.
In the north of France, a pastors' fraternal that meets this month will discuss the proposal for a big evangelistic push in their region. This will be a long term effort for at least two years. I want to get some of my NGA colleagues involved. At the national pastors' gathering of the Baptist Federation, September 8-10, I expect to meet some of them and lay out concrete plans. This will be quite a time for me because I will have just flown overnight from Kampala.
September 18-21 Marion and I will be at the local Baptist Church in Amiens for four days of meetings: seminars on evangelism and an evangelistic rally. Hopefully, this will be just the first of many visits to that church. Years ago, I was in Amiens to minister to university students.
It sounds almost trite to say that the spiritual situation in France is urgent. Among other challenges, the country is feeling the weight of Islam. On its web site reported that in private Catholic clinics Muslim patients have demanded and succeeded in having crosses removed from their rooms ! In other situations, they have demanded and been granted special prayer rooms in hospitals.

Emmanuel Duvieusart and family in France, some faithful supporters


On the same web site, I read an article that asked this question in relation to Islam, "Is England done for?" The writer says, "Only the Judeo-Christian faith can meet the challenge of Islam, but England is too morally weak to confront it." The question is then asked, "Is America next?" The writer states that for the time being the USA is holding the fort. But not for long. It is a wake up call !!! Time is NOT on our side.
September 22-28 Marion and I will be in East London at David Foster's church. This a very dynamic church in a very challenging area where the majority of the people are from the sub-continent ( India). Some of you may recall the blessed time I had there last year. This time we are praying for greater blessings.

Didier Musete, Franck Alexandre and Bill


Next Generation Alliance and Africa Renewal Ministries are launching Arise Africa. It started out to be a five-to-ten year project for helping to evangelise and disciple central and east Africa. However, many invitations started coming from other parts of the continent. On September 1-5 we will be meeting with around 400 pastors and other leaders to launch out in the biggest and most demanding effort we have ever undertaken. We are going to need all the help we can get.
Maybe some of you would be willing, ready and able to join with us. It will be wholistic outreach, preaching, teaching, training , mentoring and humanitarian help.

For my part, although I am now 72 years young (August 18), if you will stand with me, I am "ready to roll." I have already received calls for 2009 from the Central Africa Republic, Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo (again). I have also been invited to the Island of Reunion which is a French department, just off the coast of Madagascar. I look forward to hearing from you real soon.

Thank you for caring and for sharing.


Bill Thomas