THOMAS' TRAVELS - November, 2007

USA & France


Among the many events I attended on my trip to the States in September was the World Missions Conference of the American Baptist Churches. My wife Marion was able to join me at the Conference. I had the privilege of meeting again some missionaries whom I had met many years ago in Africa, and of sharing with the participants news of my present ministry. Below are some photos from the Conference.

The Lord is doing a new thing in some of the American Baptist Churches in upstate New York. After years of decline and turmoil due to the issue over homosexuality, some pastors and churches are saying, "Enough is enough." Also, even In the small towns, the churches are being challenged by drugs, crime, broken families, prostitution, and spiritual indifference. I visited several of these churches to talk about my ministry, and also to share my readiness to help them. We talked concretely about campaigns in the towns of Owego, Vestal (where Terry and Marlene Steenburg are pastoring), and Waverly. Pastor Steven Reynolds of Waverly and I drove to a place above the town called Round Top, where we prayed that God would send revival to the area and beyond. God willing, I plan to return to upstate NY next May to conduct Friendship Evangelism seminars as a first step in campaign preparation. Hearing of our plans, some believers in other towns said to me, "Don't leave us out!"

Terry & Marlene Steenburg
Terry & Marlene Steenburg (couple at left)

Pastor Steven Reynolds (at center)
Terry & Marlene Steenburg (couple at left)

The "watch strap story:" This happened in Canandaigua. I needed a watch strap. I could not find one in Walgreen's. So, on the Saturday during the World Missions Conference, Marion and I went out looking for one. We went into a jeweler's. There was another customer who was trying to buy one. The one he had (which was new) had been bought for him by his wife, but it was too small. So he said to the jeweler, If my watch strap will fit this gentleman, take it off and give it to him." And so it happened! l came away with a genuine leather watch strap for free! As we were leaving, the man said, "Pray for me." l gave him one of my prayer cards. God is good.

Charles Jones, Secretary for Europe, introducing Bill Thomas         Bill & Marion Thomas
Charles Jones, Secretary for Europe,
introducing Bill Thomas
Bill & Marion Thomas

God blessed me to make some new friends in the US. Please continue to pray that all will come to fruition.


l had the joy of preaching at Prince of Peace Baptist Church, where Robert Shipman is the pastor. This church of 70-80 members is located in a rough part of the city. At the beginning of the service, the choir came in singing one of my favorites: "I have come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord." l was so deeply moved that l sensed the Lord leading me to change my sermon topic. At the end, l invited those who were sick and afflicted to come for prayer. The Lord was pleased to confirm the Word. Four of five people testified of being healed of back pain, leg pains, and other ailments. One lady, who did not come to the front, told me that the Lord had healed her while she was seated. (We did not have time for more testimonies.)

The pastor bas invited me to come back and hold a tent campaign. He would set up the tent in the church's parking lot. So I will be busy in the US next May.


In the next few weeks, I will be ministering in the cities of: Annecy, Andrézieux, and Colombes, preaching, teaching, and preparing for evangelistic outreach. (More in my next letter...)

If you haven't looked at my Web site recently, I recommend that you do so. See especially the special report there on our recent adventures in Kikwit, Congo.

Bill Thomas

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