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Bill Thomas, Th.D, is an international evangelist, originally from the USA. For most of the past 40 years, he has been living in Western Europe. He has also been a missionary pastor in Congo (Kinshasa) with the Baptist Missionary Society (British).

Bill Thomas

Presently, he is a partner evangelist with the Next Generation Alliance (a ministry of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association). He and his wife Marion make their home in Strasbourg, France.

Bill has ministered in 59 countries, holding evangelistic missions and training seminars in English, French and Spanish. He has seen thousands of people come to Christ. Although he does not hold healing campaigns, the Lord often confirms the preaching and teaching of the Word with signs and wonders. Says Bill, "The greatest miracle is that of the new birth, but God does want us to experience a FORETASTE of the healing powers of the Age to come."

Bill is seeking 1,000 believers who will join him as prayer partners, and he would welcome opportunities to minister in the USA. He wants to continue to go where the need is greatest and the call is loudest. You are most welcome to write to him.

Please send your contributions for his ministry to the Bill Thomas Evangelistic Association, Inc.

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Bill Thomas