THOMAS' TRAVELS - December, 2007


ANDRÉZIEUX — "Eglise Pleine Vie"

(Full Life Church) is an Assemblies of God Church with I40 members. They began just six years ago with 50. The young pastor, Emmanuel Duvieusart (pictured below with his family), is a very dynamic man. It was a joy to minister there on Sunday (see photo below), and at the Tuesday evening Bible study. At the Sunday service many people came forward for prayer.

In the past seven months the church bas started a social/humanitarian outreach center in Mont-brise, a town I2 miles away - that is a story in itself. They also have a humanitarian oureach in Togo, West Africa. l will be returning to Andrézieux in January for a week of meetings, along with other speakers. It will be a week of fasting, prayer, and preaching.

"Congregation in <i>Eglise Pleine Vie</i>"

Pastor Emmanuel and Family


This city is just a few miles from the Swiss border. The small Baptist church has been without a pastor for three years. They have no building of their own, but use the promises of the Seventh Day Adventists on Thursdays and Sundays. The eight or ton young people are home from college only on the weekends; the other members are scattered around the area in nearby towns. As you can imagine, these factors militate against significant church growth. Still, the 25-30 members are trying to keep the church afloat; their young people are doing street work with the children. l preached there on a Sunday morning, and spent time with them in the afternoon sharing ideas on church growth. l will be returning there again three times in the first quarter of the year.


This is a suburb of Paris. The Baptist church has some I30 members, and an evangelistic team of nine people consisting mostly of women. The area has a very large Muslim population, which is growing. The team has done a lot of tract distribution on the streets. At times this has been with the aid of teams of young people from the US. They have had no visible results. With the Americans, the language barrier was a big problem. There have also been concerts organized in the church, again with few if any results. l went there for seminars on friendship evangelism. The first thing l said was that the whole church should have been asked to attend the seminars, and not just a few faithful. ‘For the task of evangelism needs ail the members. l encouraged them to pray for God to confirm the Word with mighty signs and wonders. People need to "see" that Jesus is real. l will be returning there in the new year to plan for an outreach in June.
CDs: Two of the messages that l preached in Andrézieux are being put on the website of TopMessage, which hastens of thousands of visitors every week. Pray that the listeners will be blessed. Another CD, from a service in London last July, is being made available to you for a gift of $20 or more, from the BTEA office (see the address on the front of this page). The message is "l saw a new heaven and a new earth". Your gifts help to keep me going. In these days of the declining dollar, your help is urgently needed. One year ago, we were paying $ 1000 a month for rent; now it is $ 1,4781 I value your prayers ever so highly. And I wish you and yours a very Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bill Thomas preaching


Bill Thomas

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