THOMAS' TRAVELS - August, 2007


Traveling from Kinshasa to Kikwit was an adventure. On Monday, July 9 we (Didier Musete, Michel Milia and myself) gathered at 6AM at the airport; A lot of administrative formalities before boarding the plane at 8:40. The flight took one hour and fifteen minutes. Upon arrival, more formalities. You would think you were in another country; and after all that, our luggage was put on the following flight that arrived some hours later.

But what a welcome we received! A fifteen car cavalcade for the ten -mile drive into town. Horns blowing, the band playing.... There were several large banners suspended across the streets and thousands of hand bills were given out.

Kikwit - Bill is teaching

Three church bodies came together to organize the crusade: The Church of Christ in Congo, The Revival Churches and The Independent Churches. The specific place was in KIKWIT 3, a part of the town where there had never been a crusade. The venue was a large open field. The sound equipment was not very good but it was the best they had.
The very day of our arrival, we were interviewed on two radio stations: Radio Horizon and Radio Sango Malamu (Good News). The each have @ 100 mile radius .

On Tuesday morning and every other morning until we left, we were awaken to a 4AM intercessory prayer meeting in the house where we were stayed. Other intercessors gathered at the venue and prayed late into the night or early in the morning. I don't remember ever being in the midst of so much prayer for a crusade!!! The whole province has it share of witchcraft and sorcerers. The area where we were has a high crime rate The night before we left Kikwit, someone stole the some of the electric power lines. So it was a very intense spiritual battle.


Wednesday morning 565 pastors and other church workers crowded into the hall for the first seminar. Those who could not get in stood at the open windows. Some of the delegates (as well as some who attended the crusade )had walked EIGHTY miles to attend the meetings. This had taken them several days. What hunger for the Gospel ! The attendance increased to 625 on Friday. The Lord did a deep work among them. When the call for conversions was made a few of the workers came to Christ.

According to the organizers, the attendance at the crusade venue went from 4,500 to 9,500. The attendance for the four evening meetings was 29,100. The number of these who responded to the invitation was 13,425. This was 46% of those who attended. Never before have I heard of such a high percentage of inquirers at a crusade. !!! Had there been more workers for the children, the % would have been even higher. Furthermore, every morning at 6AM hundreds came to the venue for FOLLOW UP. Give the very high percentage of people responding to the invitation to receive Christ for the first time, the churches could not have handled more people.

The churches are now planning for a huge baptism service.

Bill is preaching

In response to much prayer, God was pleased to confirm his Word with outstanding miracles. A man who attended the conference had left his wife ill at home. He joined in the prayers during the day. When he returned home he found his wife healed.
A sorcerer named Asumate had sacrificed his first wife (she died) to the devil in order to gain power. Wanting to go even deeper in satanic power, he scarified his eyes and was blinded with cataracts. He came to the crusade, heard the Gospel, repented of his sins and renounced Satan. God began to restore the man's sight. The next morning his eyes were even clearer !

A woman who was sick in hospital testified that God told her to leave there and go to the crusade, that there she would be healed. She was. Another lady who could not walked, left her chair and came running to the platform.
Another lady came from 50 miles away to be healed.. On one occasion, as I was preaching, I saw lady looking intently at me, so I was not surprised when she testified of her healing. Another lady, a business woman was healed of bad eyesight. She could not read her Bible without her eyes watering but the Lord had mercy on her. The following Sunday, she invited us to her home for lunch and the next day, she came to see us off.

People at the meeting

We did not have time to hear all the testimonies. Some people were healed and came back to testify the following day.

In spite of some organizational snafus behind the scenes, God did a mighty work.

Please continue to pray for me and the ministry. The harvest is indeed great, but the workers a so few.
Thank you for standing with me. See how the Lord is answering your prayers? We rejoice together.

Bill Thomas

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