THOMAS' TRAVELS - April, 2008

France & Colombia

COLOMBES (a suburb of PARIS, FRANCE), February 22-24

Marion was able to go with me on this second visit to the Baptist church here. This time It was for counselor training and follow-up. One of the church leaders, Jean-Marie Doma, who has been there a long time, told me that this was the first time in his memory that this church had had such training. Fortunately, 1 had the French editions of two booklets with me that we were able to photocopy. One was a booklet by the Luis Palau Association that we used In Strasbourg a few years ago; the other was one that 1 wrote, which has also been translated Info Norwegian and Swahili. In France there has never been much emphasis put on "equipping the Saints to do the work of the ministry, so we are doing our best to help in this area whenever we are invited to do so. Believers will come out for an evening program or event, since that does not require a long term commitment.
On Saturday, we had dinner at Mr. Dorna's house. Afterwards I had the joy of speaking with his ten year old son, Brondon, and of praying with him to receive Christ. Brondon wrote the date in his Bible, February 23, and added the words, “The one who prayed with me is named Bill.” I encouraged Brondon to share with his father what he had done. This gave him his first chance to witness," and his father was delighted.
I spoke at the two Sunday morning services to 173 people. God willing, l will return to Colombes for the outreach meetings, June 6-8. We expect to fill the church and the outside courtyard.
We are also praying that other churches in the area will be encouraged to launch out also. Since much of the population here is Muslim, this will be a great challenge, both to evangelize and to disciple.

COLUMBIA, South America

God willing, by the time you receive this I will have spent nine days (March 15 to 23) in Carthagena and Monteria, Columbia. l will send news of my trip by Internet to those of you on my. E-mail prayer list.
As you have seen in the news, there are tensions in the region between Ecuador, Venezuela, and Columbia over the elimination of the FARC commander Raul Reyes. But having put our hands to the plough, we go forward in faith. There are seven of us making this trip. We will be preaching In churches and meeting with pastors, evangelists, and other leaders to plan for campaigns there m November 20Q8. The local planners tell us that their goal is to plant 500 churches this year!


Because of the worsening economies crisis and financial shortfall, l will unfortunately have to make heavy cuts in mailing out my monthly printed newsletter. From now on, the newsletter will be Included with the tax receipts for those who have contributed. However, l can keep all of you informed about my ministry by e-mall - if I have your e-mails addresses on my prayer list. If you are not already on my prayer list, please send me your e-mall address, clearly, and I’ll add you. From time to time, my newsletters will also be on my website at, so please encourage your friends to read them too.

Bill Thomas


Bill Thomas

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