It was in this town of 10,000 people with a Christian population of 4,000 that we held the eight days of meetings. A total of 8,000 people attended the campaign. There were 700 registered commitments. Since there were not enough counselors, not all those who came forward were counseled. A worker for Child Evangelism took charge of the hundreds of children who responded during the week. Just one person was not adequate for this task, but she did her best, and handed out some reading material for the children. When I was there last February, I urged the pastors to prepare children's counselors; unfortunately that was not done. The harvest among children is so plentiful, but the laborers are few.

When the time came to praying for the sick and afflicted, four or five hundred people pushed forward each evening. The power of God was present to heal the sick and to deliver many from demonic spirits. Many people testified of being healed from head problems, stomach pains, tumors, leg problems, and other things. One young girl was carried to the meetings by friends because of a knee problem. She found her healing and was able to walk off the stage. An elderly woman who could not stand was healed. Several people who had gone to the doctors over the past few months found their healing. A woman who had been afflicted by demons said that she felt something like heat pass through her body. She was healed and delivered. Every evening there were demonic manifestations. I lost count of the number of people being ministered to.

Because of the preaching of the Word and much prayer and praise, the atmosphere was so charged with faith and power that people expected to see miracles. This was body ministry. One evening, I gave the opportunity to another young preacher, Joshua Mwagimage. I met 32 year old Joshua when he was only 12 years old in his church in Tanga. This was his first chance to preach in an open-air campaign. God blessed his effort, and people responded for salvation, healing and deliverance.

Raphaël Koschig, from Strasbourg, was limited by not being fluent in English, but he played his guitar, sang in French, and visited schools and hospitals with Joshua. He also participated in praying for the sick and laying hands on them.

Rick Willison, of Extreme Team, gave his testimony on one occasion, and demonstrated the power of God over Satan by breaking two baseball bats, bending a steel rod, ripping apart three telephone books and bending a frying pan. The audience was amazed to see these feats. Rick is 51 and legally blind.

On four mornings there were seminars for the believers who were able to attend. 50 people showed up each day. I taught two seminars sessions and my interpreter Paul taught two. The people were very hungry for biblical teaching.

Please continue to pray for the churches in Kilimanjaro. Arise Kilimanjaro was the end of the beginning. A few of us were asked to return to the area in two years' time to hold a three-day school of evangelism for three hundred to five hundred national evangelists.

My colleague P.J. Meduri and I are presently discussing meetings to be held in North-East India later this year.

Thank you for caring and sharing.

Bill Thomas

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Joshua Mwakimage

Rick Willison

Bill and his interpreter Siphael

Bill and his interpreter Siphael