From Ohio I went to Guatemala, invited by the Church of the Cross. This young church was started only one year ago in a very socially depressed part of the city. The pastor, Adolfo Fong Luna, and his colleagues have taken up the challenge. The average Sunday morning attendance is 125. I had the privilege of speaking at this service and also at a smaller one in the evening. Although the church is only a year old, they are already reaching out to another community, El Porvenir, where there is a small cell group. On a Saturday afternoon, we had a small open-air meeting in an old basketball court. About 30 people came, eight of whom responded to the invitation to surrender their lives to Christ. We also prayed for the sick and afflicted. Six people testified of being touched by God, including the musician who was suffering from problems with his feet.

Another wonderful uplifting time was my visit with Renaud and Else Cuchet. They are a very beautiful couple who received Franck Alexandre and myself six years ago for a big crusade in another part of the country. This time they invited for lunch several friends from their church and me. Afterwards we had a time of prayer for one of their friends, Orlando, who was suffering from severe problems with his nervous system. May the Lord continue to minister to him.


In Dallas I spent a couple of hours with evangelist Jay Bartlett. It was he who had made it possible for me to include Guatemala in my trip. Jay has a worldwide ministry of preaching and teaching.


In Pleasanton, Roger Gathers and his wife Chris and their son Kevin were wonderful hosts. They had a house party for me to which twelve guests from different churches came. I shared highlights of my ministry and added a few more names to my mailing list. The same kind of house party was held in San José, where one of my board members, Elliot Sands hosted me. I ended the week in Los Angeles with another board member, John Hjellum.

After 33 days of travel, it was good to be back home. I made a lot of contacts along the way. Please pray that God will bless each person and move them to become a part of this ministry.


A young man from Strasbourg, Raphaël Koschig, will be traveling with me. Hold us up in your prayers. Please pray for :

  • safe travel,
  • health and strength,
  • thousands of people who are expected to attend the meetings,
  • a good response to the Gospel,
  • revival for the churches,
  • that God will confirm his Word in the lives of those who are sick and afflicted,
  • and that the people of Boma'ngombe will see the glory of God.

Thank you for caring and sharing,

Bill Thomas

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Bill preaching at the Church of the Cross

Bill praying for people in El Porvenir

Bill praying for Orlando

Lunch at the Cuchets