Before leaving home (Strasbourg, France) for the US, I prayed that the Lord would bring someone across my path with whom I could share about this ministry. On the last part of my travel, in the US between Newark NJ and Cleveland OH, I found myself sitting beside a Christian businessman named Marc.

As we talked, he expressed a sincere interest in my life and ministry. We even had an opportunity to pray together. Before we parted I gave him a copy of my brochure, and he gave me his business card. He said that he would send me some help for my work.

I thank God for these divine encounters and encouragements. Please pray for God's blessings upon Marc and his family.

My hosts in Ohio were Ken and Norma Kerwin, who accompanied me to Niger a few years ago. Thanks to their efforts, during my week in Ohio I had lunches and dinners with six pastors. Some came with their wives.

We had some good discussions about my ministry and the potential for their participation in it. The Holy Spirit guided the conversations so that I could share the specific needs for "Arise Kilimanjaro." This was very encouraging.

I spoke with two of the pastors about my concern for the moral situation in the USA. We talked about the possibility of my coming back to the area of Chardon, Ohio, for evangelistic campaigns and seminars. What a challenge and a joy that would be! These pastors were especially attracted by my emphasis on practical ways of discipling new believers and getting them into the churches. This is a process that involves the whole congregation.

Another part of my conversation with the pastors had to do with some of them joining me on a mission trip. We talked about my invitations to conduct a 3-day school of evangelism for 500 evangelists in Tanzania (after "Arise Kilimanjaro"), and a leadership training conference in West Bengal, India. Regarding the latter, my colleague PJ Meduri wants to investigate the possibility of following up the training conference with a festival. We ask your continued prayers on all of these deliberations.

The evening before I left Ohio, I spoke briefly at Lake Ridge Church and, together with other believers, prayed together in Body Ministry for a few people who are afflicted with cancer.

And now I'm off to Guatemala to conduct several days of evangelistic campaigns; then back to the US, to Texas and California, before returning home to continue my home ministries in France.

I deeply appreciate your continued support and prayers for my health and safety as I resume my vigorous ministry of evangelism and training. If you might be interested in participating in "Arise Kilimanjaro," the three day school of evangelism for the Tanzanian pastors, or the training conference in India, please contact me soon, so we can discuss this and make proper advance plans.

Bill Thomas

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Ken and Norma Kerwin, Bill's hosts in Ohio

Pastor Randy Whitely of Lake Ridge Church, praying with Bill

Bill speaking at Lake Ridge Church