On The Homefront:

Over the past several weeks, Marion and I have spent long hours at the computer. We have been translating into English a Gospel Vision instruction manual for pastors and church leaders in Eastern Europe. They will further translate it into their national languages. We have also proof read a 110 page book on Christian Leadership for my colleague in Tanzania, Dr. Jotham Mwakimage. He is hoping that the sales from the book will help him build a training school in Tanga. He already has the land, but he urgently needs to build on it. This behind-the-scenes work on our part will affect the lives of hundreds if not thousands of lives.

In partnership with others, it is still my aim to evangelize the multitudes and make disciples. You can help me accomplish this. I have updated my brochure which I would like you to have. You can make copies of it and pass them on to your friends. Please e-mail me and I wll send you a copy on PDF right away: or you can download it from my web site

The task of preaching the Word and making disciples is an increasingly urgent task. For example, a few weeks ago in the Bronx (New York City), a pastor I know, Dimas Salaberrios, was arrested along with six others. The reason? Protesting against a ruling that would keep them using school buildings for services on the week-end. At the time of this writing, the believers are protesting and fasting and praying. All this in the United States of America ! Our freedoms are being swiftly eroded.

Arise Kilimanjaro:

February 12, I leave for Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. I will be joined by my colleague, PJ Meduri, to help prepare for our campaigns there in late May/early June. May the Lord grant us a foretaste of the campaigns.


March 10 to April 9, I plan to be in the States. Here is my schedule so far:

  • Chesterland, OH March 10-15
  • Dallas ,TX and Guatemala March 16-22
  • San Antonio, TX March 23-April 1
  • Pleasanton, CA April 2-3
  • San Jose, CA April 4-5
  • Los Angeles, CA April 6-8

This trip will be a time of sharing the needs of this ministry. As the Spirit leads, we also want to minister to the sick and afflicted. This demands a lot of pray and deep consecration. The work of God cannot be programmed.

The church in Guatemala where we will be is already experiencing a great movement of God, so we are expecting to see many blessings.

Thank you for caring and for sharing in our (yours and mine) ministry.

Bill Thomas

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Bill preaching at Maranatha, San Antonio.