Dear Prayer Partners,

I trust that you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year. So here we are at the beginning of a new year with all of its challenges and possibilities. In France and in the United States this is a presidential election year. Momentous economic, social and political decisions will be made that will affect all of us. Add to this the fact that each of us has his own personal struggles: health, finances, family problems etc.

In Psalm 11:3, David asks the question, "When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? " The Old Testament prophets saw their nation being destroyed by greed, corruption, sexual perversion, apostasy, political intrigue and idolatry. What was their course of action? Intercessory prayer and confrontational preaching. Periodically there was a return to God. This stayed the hand of God's judgment, and for a time brought blessings on the nation. We thank God that the primary foundation, on which we build our lives as believers, can never be destroyed. Christ and his word are a sure foundation. He is the Rock of ages, an anchor for the soul, a shelter in the time of storm. Therefore it is from this perspective that we proclaim a message of repentance, hope and Shalom to all who are listening.

The world's population is now over seven billion. God's primary purpose is still the reconciliation of men and women to himself. Arise Kilimanjaro is in line with that purpose. There are now twelve cities across that area of Tanzania who are calling for evangelists to preach and teach the word. Some of the teams are also bringing humanitarian help. Many of these areas are heavily Muslim, and few of the people have heard the Gospel. But in answer too much prayer and the preaching of the word, I believe the Holy Spirit will light a fire that will be seen far and near. In fact, when P.J. Meduri and I go there next month to train leaders in Friendship Evangelism, I am asking the Lord to give us a foretaste of what we can expect in June.

Strasbourg: The Saturday evening group in Strasbourg continues to go very well. It's a thrill to hear the testimonies of former Muslims seeking to win others to Christ. In some cases this puts their lives in jeopardy. For safety, I don't include pictures of the whole group. But do continue to pray for them.

Please pray too for the all-age outreach at the Baptist church using the Alpha course. Ten thousand handbills and gospels were distributed in the neighborhood during the autumn.

Thank you for continuing to pray for me. Your practical encouragement is a very positive contributing factor to my recovery. It brings joy to the heart; it is medicine to the bones.

Thank you for caring and for sharing.

Bill Thomas

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Marie Anne, a faithful prayer partner.