Journey of recovery

I invite you to accompany me on a journey; it is free. It is my journey of recovery. The destination is the state of a clean bill of health. For those of you who were not aware of my situation, on 12th August I was urgently admitted into the hospital in Strasbourg because my hemoglobin count (red blood cells) was much too low. Immediately I was given blood transfusions. A few days later, the doctors discovered that I had prostate cancer and that it had spread to the bone marrow which caused the low level of red blood cells. Apparently this had been going on for several months and accounted for the physical weakness that I was feeling when I was in Africa. On top of this, my blood sugar was too high, and I needed treatment for diabetes. I spent two and a half weeks in the hospital and am now an outpatient undergoing hormonal treatment. One doctor told me that in three months' time I should be able to resume my ministry. On October 7, I have another medical appointment to see what may be the next step. I continue to expect miracles. Six weeks ago, I could not walk more than a few yards before having to sit down. I had too little strength in my leg, thigh and back muscles. Now I find I can walk a kilometer without feeling tired. I claim the promise in Isaiah 66 verse 14: one French version of this text says "Your bones will be revitalized like grass."

I thank God for the many prayers on my behalf. My son in the faith, Muthu Mayandy, and his church have committed themselves to 21 days of prayer. Friends in England, in France and the U.S. are joining me in fighting the good fight of faith. I'm counting on you to do likewise so that this affliction will soon be a thing of the past. I'm also counting on your continued financial support. I still have monthly bills to pay, and the less I have to worry about, the more my mind can relax.

Specific prayer requests. Pray that:

  1. The number of committed prayer partners will increase.
  2. Each weekly laboratory test will show a clear improvement in my blood factors.
  3. The medical corps will find the best treatments
  4. That God will perform a miracle so that in his time I will be up and running and be given a clean bill of health. With God all things are possible.

Praise God that the treatment that they have given me for the diabetes is working, and bringing it under control.

Thank God for the colleagues who are continuing the preparation for our campaign Arise Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania.

I would be very much encouraged to hear from you, and let me know how I can pray for you too.

Bill Thomas

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Bill and brother Dumay

Mr. & Mrs Dumay : faithful prayer warriors in Strasbourg

Bill preaching at the church (April 2010)

Sunday morning service