Rwagitima, Rwanda: a town of 25,000 people

For the first time, fifteen of the evangelical churches came together for a united crusade. And for the first time, Africa New Life Church was the sponsor and prime mover, and their goal is to have four crusades per year. The $10,000 budget was covered by Africa New Life Church and the other participating evangelical churches.

The founder and president of Africa New Life, Charles Mugisha, invited me to be the evangelist. We had met in Kampala 20 years ago. God has blessed him and his ministry in Rwanda in an amazing manner. He has schools and orphanages, and continues to build.

On the way to Rwagitima early in the morning, Charles asked one of the workers how many decision cards had been prepared for the crusade. The answer was 400. Charles said that was not enough, and at least 1,000 would be needed, for the people had worked hard and prayed much, so they believed that God would do amazing things.

The site chosen for the crusade was in the middle of a housing area. Some people walked three or four kilometers to get there, but most of those attending lived fairly close to the site. Between seven and eight thousand people per evening crowded into the grounds and stayed standing or sat on the ground or the few chairs available. The service started at about 3.30 p.m. with an hour of music, featuring local groups, and the audience joined in the singing lustily. Then came the time for the preaching. Since I had been awake since 5 a.m. moving from place to place, this first meeting was very demanding. But by the grace of God, I held on. At the invitation, people just streamed forward. It seemed they wouldn't stop coming. Between four and five hundred came forward. The counselors were overwhelmed and could not meet the demand. Included in this number were scores of children for whom there were not enough counselors. After giving the counselors some time to do their work, we invited those who were sick and suffering to come forward. Many did so, but there seemed to be few answers to prayer on this first night. Some things cannot be programmed. The second service: Again a great response to receive Christ. But when it came to praying for the sick, there were "showers of blessings". A woman testified that for 16 years she had not been able to jump and shout, and when the audience saw her do so, hundreds of people came running to the platform. I reckoned there were between six and eight hundred. Another woman testified of having had her sight restored in one eye that had been almost blind. A man testified of having a growth in his side. A woman testified that the noises in one of her ears (tinnitus) had stopped. There wasn't time to hear all the testimonies. The third service: This was similar to the second one. God is good. The people were desperate and ready to believe and receive. More than 700 decision cards were collected, but this number represents about half of those who came forward.

On Sunday morning, I spoke at two services, and they were so uplifting and so moving.

Please continue to pray for Africa New Life Church and its ministries. After the genocide of 1994 in which thousands of people were killed, the Lord is pouring out his blessing upon this country.

Congo Kinshasa: August 3 - 10.

I will be with Keith Cook of On the Go Ministry. We will have a series of pastors' conferences in three different areas of the city, as well as a public evangelistic rally. Please pray much for our protection, health and strength too. From September 13 through mid-October I will be in the USA.

Thank you for caring and sharing in this ministry.

Bill Thomas

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Campaign at Rwagitima

Campaign at Rwagitima

Campaign at Rwagitima

Campaign at Rwagitima

Campaign at Rwagitima

Campaign at Rwagitima