Malabo and Bata, Equatorial Guinea:

By the time you receive this letter, I will be in the midst of my training ministry in the above towns. A full report will come to you in the next letter.

European Baptist Mission International at Herford, Germany:

The EBMI is the liaison of several Baptist missions in Europe, Africa, South America and India, under whose auspices I am ministering in Equatorial Guinea. At their leadership conference, May 19-22, I will be bringing the opening address on the theme of Sharing, invited by the General Secretary, Christoph Haus. This will be an excellent occasion for interacting with the leaders from several countries, so I am grateful for this invitation.

Rwagitima, Rwanda:

In just two months, I will be going to hold a campaign in this town of 25,000. The invitation came to me from my good friend Charles Mugisha. It's been 20 years since I first met Charles in Uganda, where he was just beginning his ministry which is called New Life Africa. Over the years the Lord has blessed him tremendously, starting a school, an orphanage, and a huge church, as well as completing his Masters degree at Multnomah in Portland, Oregon.

These things were" not done in a corner". The national Christian newspaper Jibu published a lot of pictures with their detailed write-up of the meetings under the headline 'Tanga now in the hands of Jesus'. One of the pictures showed me talking to the young man who had been mute. On the front page they had the picture of the young Muslim woman being carried to the deliverance tent.

In Rwagitima, there are 35 small Pentecostal churches as well as Anglican and Lutheran churches and a Mosque. The churches have never had a united campaign before, but now the pastors are very excited about the campaign. We will also have four days of pastors' seminars. Please join us in prayer. Do not take it for granted that everything will go well.

  • Pray for the health and strength and protection of the team,
  • Pray that the Word will go forth in clarity, love and power, that hundreds will be drawn to the Cross and discipled and that God will confirm His Word with awesome signs and wonders.
  • Pray that Jesus will be so lifted up that He will become the talk of the town, and that the churches will be revived.

Arise Kilimanjaro 2012:

The first proposal was to have campaigns in ten towns. Now the leaders want to extend it to fifteen! Such an endeavor demands a tremendous amount of hard work, organization, coordination, training, etc. If we try to include 'A Season of Service' on some of the sites, all the work will be multiplied. I bring this to your attention now, because we are going to need a lot of help. Proclamation Evangelism Network (PEN) will be promoting this effort. In keeping with my partnership principles, the local churches will have to bear the lion's share of the local cost, for we want to see these areas ARISE out of utter dependency on outside help.

Thank you for caring and sharing as we seek to press on in responding to these calls.

Bill Thomas

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Bill in Tanzania