Our "Groupe Oriental" continues to meet every Saturday evening from about 7 to 11 p.m. The events of these last few weeks in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, and other places in the Middle East have been among the subjects of our prayers. Some of those present still have family in Tunisia and Algeria who are going through many trials and tribulations although they are not all believers. This adds urgency and meaning to our prayers. One brother expressed the concern that Islamists might take advantage of the situation to impose Sharia law everywhere possible and persecute the Christian minorities more than ever. There is also a deep burden for the conversion of Muslims in France, in fact I find that former Muslims have a deeper appreciation of the dangers of Islam and a greater desire for their conversion than most other church members of non-Muslim backgrounds.

We spend 35 to 40 minutes singing songs of praise and consecration to God and then we get into the Word for another 45 to 60 minutes. Consequently the atmosphere is one of unity, love and power. When we begin to pray for specific needs among us, the Lord is pleased to bless. For example, one brother had been suffering from lower back pain for two days, painkillers had not helped. He shared this with the group. At the end of the meeting, he asked Brother Moncef, who has been a believer for over two years, to lay hands on him and pray. Immediately he began to experience relief. He said that when he went home, the Lord said to him, "Don't take any painkillers tonight." When he woke up the next morning, he was completely healed. The bottom line of this is that we must take time to meet with God. A one-hour "quickie" on Sunday morning is definitely not enough.

TANGA, TANZANIA: February 27 to March 6

By the time you receive this letter we will be in the midst of the Crusade and the Pastors' Conference in Tanga. We are a team of five:

  • Terry Steenburg, from Owega, New York,
  • Martin DeJong, from Greenwood, South Carolina,
  • Pascale Benmann, from Strasbourg,
  • Dr Nicku Mordi, from Tanzania,
  • and myself.

This will be Terry's first experience in Africa. We are all looking to God for a great harvest of souls and practical blessings. Please pray for God's guidance in our preaching, teaching and music ministries, and for protection, good health, and traveling mercies. You are a vital link in this ministry. Believe me, YOU MATTER. Your prayers and support matter.


  • Equatorial Guinea in April
  • Rwanda in June
  • Bronx, NY, in July (plans in the making)
  • Congo Kinshasa in August.

Thank you for caring and sharing in this ministry.

Bill Thomas

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Meeting in Kinshasa where we will hold
a similar event in August