(Western France):

On several occasions, William Metbach, pastor of the local gypsy community, had invited me to go and minister to his congregation. I was finally able to go there from 18 to 21 February. Over a hundred people were present at each of the three evening services. On Sunday we had three services. Most of the people could neither read nor write, but they had memorized the songs well enough to sing with great gusto.

Pastor Metbach had informed me that the church was going through a time of testing and needed to be renewed. In my preaching I stressed the need for dreaming big dreams, making big plans, and praying profound prayers, as a way of breaking out of their lethargy. At the end of the third service on Sunday, I invited all those who wanted to come to the podium and share their dreams with the congregation to do so. Many of them did so. This was the first time in the life of the church that this had happened. My idea was to get them to end the day on a very practical note. One of the men who shared was engaged in occasional evangelistic outreach, and he said that his dream was the conversion of his wife, Rose. At the end of the service, he brought her to talk with me. She told me that she wanted to make sure that she was "on her way to heaven". She then prayed to received the Lord.

During my weekend there, I had the privilege of praying with two other people. The first one was a man named Uri. He was losing his eyesight due to diabetes, and had just come home from the hospital. He had lived a rebellious life in his early years. His brother took me to see him. As Uri and I talked, the other people present went off to pray. I shared the Word with him and he prayed to receive Christ.

A similar scene took place the next day over lunch. This time, the person was the pastor's son-in-law, Stéphane, who comes from the Island of Reunion. He had been present at our Friday evening service. As we talked at the table, he too invited Christ into his life.

I also talked with William Metbach's nephew, a young man named Billy. We had met a few years ago in the Ukraine. He asked me if I would be his mentor in evangelism. It's possible that I will be invited to minister to a gypsy congregation in Carcassonne, a city in the south of France. If this takes place, I will invite Billy to come along and work with me.

(North-East France):

I went to do Friendship Evangelism seminars in a small Assemblies of God church of 25 members to help them prepare for a weekend of outreach planned for the week after Easter. We have invited Pascale Benmann to come along and minister with music. Pastor Eric Peres, whom I have known for several years, gave me some very encouraging news. He told me that when I visited the area over twenty years ago, there were people who were converted and are still serving the Lord. We believe that the Lord is going to do great things at this outreach after Easter. While there, Pastor Peres and I were invited out for lunch at the home of a couple. The husband, Jean-Paul, is partially paralyzed in his right hand. He had been very resistant to the Gospel, but as we talked, the Lord worked in his heart and he prayed to receive Christ. His wife, who is a believer and member of the church, was so very grateful. I asked another church member, José, who lives two minutes away from this couple, to make sure to visit Jean-Paul.

(Eastern France):

The two Fridays March 19 and 26 were set aside for two seminars on Friendship Evangelism in our local Baptist church in preparation for a campaign there April 23 to 25. In the area where it will be held, there are some twelve thousand people who do not attend any Christian church. The follow-up meetings will take place in May, conducted by the Pastor Jean-Claude Renouard and myself.

(South of France):

May 3 to 9, I will be helping to prepare a Festival for Luis Palau which will take place in May 2011.

Please keep the New Year's Eve Rally in KINSHASA (Congo) in your thoughts and prayers as well. Remember that the $5,000 matching fund deadline is June 30. Thank you for all your prayers and support, without which this ministry would not be possible.

Bill Thomas

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Bill preaching in Bordeaux

Bill preaching in Bordeaux

Bill preaching in Bordeaux