Every New Year's Eve for the past few years, the Radio-TV Network Sango Malamu has been holding mass rallies in the 80,000 seat stadium called the “Stade des Martyrs”. Attendance varies between 40,000 and 60,000. Since the meetings are transmitted throughout the nation and into neighboring Brazzaville across the Congo River, the potential listening and viewing audience reaches into the millions. Those attending are both Christians and non-Christians, so the harvest of souls is potentially very large and the impact on church growth tremendous at a time when Islam and false sects are making their presence felt.

The program runs from 10 AM to 6 PM. I have been invited to be the evangelist for this year's event. I will be proclaiming the Word and ministering to the sick and afflicted. We are expecting at least 2,000 trained counselors to be on hand for those who respond for we believe that God will honor the prayers of thousands of praying Christians.

The event will be followed by one seminar each day for five days in five locations around the city for pastors, evangelists and other church workers. Hopefully, we can have teachers/pastors from abroad to participate in these seminars. These local churches as well as the visiting preachers also need your prayers.

The rally for this year is a partnership, and it requires a huge amount of mobilization, as well as the involvement of hundreds of churches and staff. It also requires funds. For my part I need to raise $12,000. There is a US based ministry which has offered a MATCHING FUND of up to $5,000, provided the gifts are received by JUNE 30, 2010. So for every dollar you give, this ministry will contribute a dollar.

Imagine speaking to 50,000 people in person and to millions of others by means of radio and TV, and all that for such a modest investment.

This is a unique opportunity for me. If you are willing to stand with me in your prayers and support, please let me hear from you ASAP. Please remember, the deadline for the matching fund is June 30. If I don't reach my goal, then whatever is received will be held in my ministry account for a later Africa campaign.

When you send your gifts, please earmark them "for Kinshasa."

A word about TANGA, Tanzania:

The dates in July 2010 were too early for some of the participating colleagues. So the dates have now been moved to February 2011.

Thank you for caring and for sharing in this ministry.

Bill Thomas

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Bill preaching

Bill preaching