THOMAS' TRAVELS - November, 2008


ANTONY (near Paris):

Pastor Antonio Da Silva read the report of the June campaign in Colombes and invited me to meet with him and his church leaders. The results? I have been invited to conduct friendship evangelism and discipleship training there in January, May and September 2009.

BISCARROSE (near Bordeaux):

At a pastors' conference, Pastor Michel Audo invited me to spend four days at his church conducting discipleship training, scheduled for January 7-11 2009. I thought that this was all until he wrote to me saying that he wants to go further and have a full blown rural campaign in May or June!

AMIENS (north of Paris):

October 18-21. A Baptist Church of 40 members pastored by Orjan Backryd from Sweden. During the week nights, half of them showed up for meetings which turned out to be for believers. Some of them were trying to cope with troubled homes and marriages. There was also a lady who had been suffering from a slipped disk. I prayed for her that the Lord would give her a pain-free night so that she could sleep. From her testimony the next day, the Lord was pleased to have mercy on her.
A thirteen-year-old girl had been terribly tormented and was having horrible nightmares. She came for prayer and counseling. The Lord was pleased to show her his mercy. The following night she told me she had had a "peaceful night".
I point out these happenings to emphasize that regardless of the economic crisis we are all experiencing, we can and must go on "giving ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word."



Manor Park Christian Center. It is always a joy to minister there. On October 22, because of problems with the Eurostar, it was a race against the clock to "get me to the church on time." Pastor David Foster had arranged a special meeting for me and they wanted me to speak on the Second Coming of Christ. Somehow I missed this when I read the e-mail, so with only five minutes notice, I committed myself to the Lord and sallied forth. Although I had been traveling since 9AM and had only eaten a small sandwich since breakfast, the Lord took away all the tiredness and gave me a clear mind. We had a good response in the end.
On Wednesday, I had a good session with the young people and on Friday with the singles. On Sunday morning what a blessed time we had! Normally, the young people go out for their own class, but this time they chose to stay in the service . What a joy it was to see the response to the message. Before leaving London, the church leaders invited me to "come back again real soon."



The Chinese Baptist Church. October 4-5. Most of the young adults are French born, highly educated and are in good professions. Their parents are more at home in Cantonese or Mandarin. The emphasis those two days was on evangelism and missions. When I arrived , I was immediately well received. They really appreciated the fact that I had visited Hong Kong several times. They warmed to the teaching and preaching. The response to a call for deeper commitment to outreach was very moving. The Chinese community in France is a real missionfield. I am to go back there again between Christmas and New Year.

Bill with the Chinese church


We have now launched Next Generation Alliance-France. 25 evangelists with different ministries came to our first meeting. Significantly, it was held at the residence of Antoine Dufoix and his wife Georgina who is a former government minister. My own role is that of liaison between NGA-USA and NGA-France. The web site is


Our son, Ivan and his family are now settled in Oxford, England. Marion and I are really proud of our grandchildren. They are in the French section of the European School there. Max is 14 and is considering taking Arabic for his fourth language; Natasha is 11 and is trying to decide between German, Spanish and Italian for her third language!! They must have some of our genes !!
Next time I will send you a special report on my travels in the US and in Colombia.

Marion, Georgina and Bill

Thank you for your continued prayers and sacrificial giving in these tough and uncertain times.


Bill Thomas

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